Collaborating Can Create Legal Headaches if the Appropriate IP Agreements Are Not in Place

Print this postIf you run a small business, you have probably given some thought over this recession to how you might be able to collaborate with other businesses to generate some additional revenue for your business. I know that this is definitely something that I have been thinking about for my practice, and it is […]

Anticipating Likely Copyright Battle, Amazon Backs Down Over Kindle 2 Audio Feature

Print this postAnticipating a likely copyright battle over its new Kindle 2 audio feature, Amazon has backed down on its previous position and announced that publishers and authors will be able to decide whether to enable the feature. The Author’s Guild first signaled that a fight was brewing when it issued a February 12th alert […]

Cutting Legal Costs by Investing in Good Templates

Print this postIn a recent blogpost, AdamsDrafting suggested that the recession should prompt companies to look at overhauling their contract template process. AdamsDrafting wrote: [A] recession should provide a greater incentive for a company to do something about the considerable amounts of time and money that it’s wasting due to its mediocre templates and primitive […]

License Grant Language: How Should it be Drafted?

Print this postKen Adams at Adams Drafting raised an interesting question about the proper drafting of a license grant in a software license. In particular, Adams questions the drafting of the following clause: Acme hereby grants Widgetco a nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide license to the Software (that license, the “License“). I agree […]

Consortia Licensing: Is this an ideal way to license intellectual property?

Print this postThe Licensing Handbook Blog ran an interesting posting today on consortia agreements. I am currently in the middle of a consortia negotiation, so the posting caught my attention. The Licensing Handbook Blog posting responded to a posting by SpendMatters, which had stated that participating in purchasing consortia can be an excellent means of […]

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