Consortia Licensing: Is this an ideal way to license intellectual property?

The Licensing Handbook Blog ran an interesting posting today on consortia agreements. I am currently in the middle of a consortia negotiation, so the posting caught my attention. The Licensing Handbook Blog posting responded to a posting by SpendMatters, which had stated that participating in purchasing consortia can be an excellent means of leveraging resources […]

Yahoo Music to Shut Down Service, Issue Refunds to Customers

Comments Off on Yahoo Music to Shut Down Service, Issue Refunds to Customers Written by on July 29, 2008 | Posted in IP Licensing News, Music Licensing

Yahoo Music has advised its customers that it will be shutting down its digital rights management (“DRM”) service on September 30, 2008, but will be issuing refunds to customers who request them, reported Techspot. According to Techspot, Yahoo Music has decided to shut down its DRM licensing service in order to become part of Real […]

Blog Content Licensing: Is there a market for it?

PlagiarismToday raised an interesting question today when it asked if blog content licensing was dead. I have given several presentations on blog law issues now, but I must say that I had never really given thought to the issue of whether or not there was really a market for blog content licensing–beyond, of course, thinking […]

iTunes Music License: Is it Really Enforceable?

Comments Off on iTunes Music License: Is it Really Enforceable? Written by on July 18, 2008 | Posted in Music Licensing

Is the iTunes Music License really enforceable? This is the question raised by F. Scott Kieff in a recent article for IP Law & Business. According to Kieff, the issue is as follows: the iTunes contract for service allows the customer to copy a song for a small number of times–the license provides that users […]

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