Blogosphere Reacts to Associated Press Assault on Fair Use Doctrine

Should the Associated Press have the right to set its own standards as to how much quoting from an Associated Press article constitutes fair use and how much requires the payment of a royalty? The Associated Press (“A.P.”) apparently thinks so, based on recent coverage of its plans to adopt blogging guidelines for quoting A.P. […]

Supreme Court to Consider Fantasy Baseball Case: Do Players’ Names and Statistics Constitute Major League Baseball Intellectual Property?

1 Comments Written by on June 1, 2008 | Posted in IP Licensing Litigation

The Supreme Court is considering whether to take a case which would address the issue of whether major league baseball players’ names and statistics constitute the intellectual property of Major League Baseball, requiring the payment of a royalty fee. Fox News reported on the case as follows: St. Louis-based company called CBC Distribution and Marketing […]

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